7 Quick Ways to Shed the Holiday Weight

After spending the last month binging on cookies, cocktails, and holiday treats, you may be struggling to get into your skinny jeans. But with a few of these expert tips, you’ll have no problem shedding the extra holiday pounds.

1. Don’t Skip Meals

It may be tempting to skip a meal after eating heavy holiday food and treats for the last month, but skipping a meal will make you hungrier and put your body and mind in a frenzy. Instead, eat frequent, small meals to curb your appetite, boost your energy, and even speed up your metabolism.

2. Take it Easy on the Cocktails

It wouldn’t be a holiday party with a glass or 2 of bubbly, but alcohol is full of empty calories: a 12-oz beer about 150 calories and a 6oz glass of red wine packs in 144 calories. The worst offenders are the classic holiday cocktails like eggnog and peppermint martinis that use creamy liqueurs as a base – it’s like drinking a heavy dessert! For every cocktail indulgence, have a glass of water.

3. Cut the Carbs

After stuffing yourself with Grandma’s stuffing and fruitcake, kickstart your diet by cutting out the white stuff – bread, bagels, crackers… When your body isn’t used to the sugar and salt in these type of carbs, it can hold a lot of water.

4. Eat Your Veggies

Vegetables are natural hunger and appetite suppressants, making you feel fuller for longer. Kick off your post-holiday diet with some healthy salads and lots of winter greens.

5. Avoid Soda

Sodas are yet another empty calories beverage that Americans tend to guzzle down on the regular. But they are full of sugar and empty calories, without satisfying your crave for food – which leads to doubling up your caloric intake for the day and overtime that can cause serious weight gain. If you are looking for carbonated drinks, try a zero calorie sparkling water.

6. Eat Smarter

Making healthy substitutions to unhealthy snacks goes a long way. If you’re craving candy, have some frozen grapes. Salty? Try air-popped popcorn instead of oil-popped. This also allows you to control how much butter and salt is on the popcorn. Dark chocolate is a healthier alternative to chocolaty sweets.

7. Relax

Studies have shown that when you are stressed, you binge eat. If the holidays stress you out, don’t reach for another cookie. Try yoga, meditation, or simple breathing exercises.