Say “Bye Bye” to Baby Bulge

Moms know all about the baby bulge. They are all too familiar with that midsection pudge that lingers on their gut – baby weight that stayed for good. Similar to the man’s beer gut, the baby bulge is hard to trim down. Women’s metabolism is different than men’s, which makes it hard to lose weight anyway, but add baby weight into the mix, and it can be downright frustrating.

Some celebrities walk the red carpet just weeks after having a baby and their tummies are flat but what you don’t see is how many layers of Spanx they have on and all the behind the scenes work with stylists and personal trainers.

The reality is that it can take 8 weeks just for your uterus to shrink back to pre-baby size, so give yourself a break. However, the baby bulge can linger for years. Your body experienced a lot of changes in a short amount of time, so don’t expect your body to bounce right back. While there could be medical diagnoses for your belly pooch, a lot of the time, it can be corrected with patience and the right balance of exercise and diet.

Walk with the stroller

Taking a moderate intensity walk or jog every day for approximately 30 minutes can help you loose the baby weight pretty quickly. Cardiovascular exercises of all kinds are proven to aid weight loss around the belly. In on particular study by researchers at Duke University Medical Center, they found that women who exercised lost weight specifically around their stomachs, whereas people who didn’t exercise at all experiences an 9% increase of fat. Any exercise that kickstarts your heart rate is a good exercise for weight loss.

Boost Your Protein Intake

Eating protein helps your body burn fat faster, especially around your middle. Eating protein like chicken, beans, fish, and eggs are full of nutrients your body needs to function and thrive (especially if you are a new mom who is nursing). Having eggs for breakfast is a great way to boost your body for the day.

Take a Nap

Every mom wants to hear those 3 words: take a nap! But getting plenty of sleep has been linked with weight loss because you aren’t tempted to indulge in late-night snacks or junk food. When your body adopts a new, strange sleep pattern (like those forced upon new moms with newborns), your metabolism gets upset and it can be harder to lose weight. The housework can wait – sleep when your baby sleeps.

Hang Out with Other Moms

Peer pressure is real. And it is easy to be influenced by others. And this is the good kind of peer pressure! Socializing with other moms can be encouraging – exercise is always more fun with friends, and you can have other moms hold you accountable while you journey back to pre-baby-body. Find other moms in your area to connect with here.

While the process might seem long and grueling, it is possible to transform your body and rid yourself of the baby bulge with doing the right kind of exercise and eating healthy choices.

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