Why Doctors Are Turning Towards Lasers

According to a study by The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, non-invasive fat reduction procedures are on the rise. Last year, they ranked in the top 10 most common aesthetic treatments for men and women, and that number keeps rising.

But it is no surprise that non-invasive fat reduction is gaining popularity. With no incision and no anesthesia, fat reduction technology keeps progressing and can guarantee amazing results, sometimes after just one treatment. Over the years, a wide variety of devices have entered the market with the promise of total fat removal and many have fell short of that claim.  SculpSure-before-and-after

For many doctors, there is one specific procedure that consistently shows promising results: SculpSure by Cynosure.

Quick Treatments

One of the only FDA-approved lasers for actual fat destruction, SculpSure’s advances intechnology ensures treatments are quick and effective. A single treatment lasts only 25 minutes and does not require any downtime. In theory, a patient could receive this treatment on his or her lunch break.

Other than skin tightening, there is no other non-invasive aesthetics treatment that is requested. And if a laser can guarantee inches off the waistline in only 25 minutes, why would it not be the most preferred procedure?

How Does SculpSure Work?


Unlike other non-invasive fat removal procedures like Cool Sculpting and Vanquish, SculpSure uses diode lasers to literally melt away the fat and destroy fat cells for good. SculpSure lasers transmit energy, which is absorbed by the fatty layer creating heat. This heat destroys fat cells, which are then flushed out your body’s lymphatic system.

SculpSure and Cool Sculpting use the same idea of killing fat cells and removing them naturally, however the method of freezing cells results in a longer recovery period and can damage the skin. Cool Sculpting, on average, costs approximately 63% more than SculpSure.

Why Do Doctor’s Prefer SculpSure Over Other Non-Invasive Procedures?

Boston-area plastic surgeon Joseph Russo, MD, claims, “I prefer this method [SculpSure] to freezing since heating the skin causes tightening. If fat is going to be destroyed in the area, skin tightening will enhance the overall outcome.”

Most doctors will agree – patients will need at least two SculpSure treatments to see optimal results. Treatments are performed 6-12 weeks apart making this a time efficient and cost-effective option for fat removal. Procedures like Vanquish require 4-5 treatments to see the same results as SculpSure, and each treatment of Cool Sculpting can take up to an hour.

20160811-CYN-29SculpSure is recommended for patients who have a BMI 30 or less, not for patients who suffer from obesity. Most physicians will tell their patients it is not intended for weight loss (like liposuction), but is a beneficial alternative to getting rid of stubborn fat alongside diet and exercise.

One thing is certain: as long as waistlines in America keep increasing, there will always be demand for these procedures.

Call Elan Premier Aesthetics today to schedule your free consultation and see why so many doctors are turning toward SculpSure by Cynosure.

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